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Monday's Poems 2008






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Adebe D.A.: hot fling
Allan Brown: Colours of Remembering :: Which I is I?
Angela Cowan: Nectar
Barbara Pelman: Taking Apart a Solid Sense of Self

Beth Kope: What I Know Now That I Didn't Know Then
Dave Cross: Poultry Poem
David Floody: Tree-beard Lichen
DC Haskins: The World Is Always Being Born
Debbie Okun Hill: Helicopter Noises
Gillian Sze: driving home from the airport
Glen Sorestad: The Way It Is with Cars
Heather Cardin: Still
Ian Williams: V
Irene Livingston: Naked in a Glass-Blue Lake
James Tipton: So Many Times I Have Felt the Sea Rising
Jaydon Rempel: A Number between One and Thirty
J.E. Stanley: October in Mourning
Jennifer Compton: By Moonlight
Joan MacIntosh: Anchor
Joanna Weston: Like Childhood
John McMahon: Young Men and Flying Gear
Karen P. Ouellette: Falling
Katherine Lawrence: You wake inside ...
Kathie Sutherland: cramped thinking mind
Kelly Rose: A Cure for the Water Trapped inside Your Body
Kevin Gillam: in a hurried life and : flottle
Kirsten Reinking: Poems in Poet
Kristine Ong Muslim: Recycling Mrs. Skinner
Laila Haidarali: sunday frowns
Leanne McIntosh: To a Friend with Dementia
Lorraine Gane: The Poppies
Mark Tworow: Raven
Naomi Wakan: Keeping Clothes White
Nehal El-Hadi: closure
rob mclennan: elgin street: a lisgar eclipse
Sandra Mooney Ellerbeck: Free Flight
smsteele: Begin/The Year
Susan Gee: Aluminum Plant, Czechoslovakia, 1991
Thomas Brown: Poems Don't Come
Trisia Eddy: Written as I Contemplate an Aftermath
Vaughan Chapman: untitled (summer)
Wendy Morton: Solstice
Winona Baker: senryu

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