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Monday's Poem

Thank you Matt Verbonac and Angus for the photograph.

© 2008 Angela Cowan


When the soft smell
of honey
lingers on your fingertips,
and a silky breeze
flutters through the tall grasses,
dancing with them gently,
and the pines suddenly hush
in this adolescent sunlight,
and the birds fall silent
with bated breath,
watching your lips
the small of my back,
then I will blossom.

Angela Cowan has been writing since elementary school, be it poetry, short stories or plays. She has written several as yet unpublished children's books, is currently working on a novel set in India, and is working towards a degree in Creative Writing from Vancouver Island University. She did a short term writing feature articles for the Nanaimo Daily News, and is looking forward to seeing more of her work on the printed page. She is also a certified aromatherapist and enjoys learning about natural health and healing.