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Monday's Poem

© 2008 Adebe D.A.

hot fling

it was a Monday:
two lovers
chained to boulders of brooding rock
awaiting the blaze

the sun bled all over the sky
and as she burned
he tried to kiss her flaming breasts,
as he burned she tried
her very best to forgive
and forget

it all happened quite fast
towards the end; flames grew
quick, evening to dusk
when the dusts of their old bones
grew over all life,
until four hands four feet
two hearts became
one pile of cinders
taken out to sea
to give love to a world devoid of certain poetry

and for the poets who speak of love
as if it's simply an idea

and just for the sake
of love itself.

Adebe D.A. is a writer living in Toronto, who describes her style as "ballad meets bop," and currently studies English at York University. She is a founding member of S.T.E.P. U.P., and has been published in various sources, including Canadian Woman Studies Journal, The Claremont Review, and The Toronto Star, where her winning piece in the Toronto Poetry Competition was featured. She currently holds the honour of Toronto's Junior Poet Laureate. Adebe is currently working on both her own collection of poems, as well as an anthology of young, mixed race authors in a collective effort to explore and document the turbulent (and wondrous) experience of growing up with a mixed race background. She hopes to travel every country in the world, and one day have little short stories for children.