Monday's Poem

Debbie Okun Hill is an executive member of The Ontario Poetry Society, the 2007 recipient of the Ted Plantos Memorial Award, and a former communications specialist with Fanshawe College, Lakehead University, and The Winnipeg Art Gallery. So far, over 100 of her poems have been or will be published in over 40 different Canadian anthologies, websites, and magazines. This August her first chapbook, Swaddled in Comet Dust: A Collection of Award-winning Poems, was launched as part of the Beret Days Press Stanza Break series.

© Debbie Okun Hill 2008

Helicopter Noises

your life
you made
military noises
drove me insane
loud whirling sounds circling my head
tail boom and rotors like switchblades cutting the air
your slice of cloud
a daily dream
gun fire
vertical lifts
blazing forests
cotton ball, gauze
medical air ambulance
nursing your desire

you knew where
you wanted to be
and today you have it
a clear bubble to sit in
small cockpit to steer

I watch you twirl
lifting your hand
saluting all those
Chinese children
running, playing
their bamboo tops, still flying