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Monday's Poem

Leanne McIntosh is the author of two books of poetry, The Sound the Sun Makes and Liminal Space published by Oolichan Books. Leaf Press published her first chapbook, The Attitude Of the Tree. Leanne is currently working on a third book of poems titled The Habit of Being. She lives in Nanaimo and spends part of the year in Montreal.

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© 2008 Leanne McIntosh

To a Friend with Dementia

Listen! Listen
to the sound between the sounds

the small slurred spaces
between one word and the next

the hesitancy between strangers
queued at a bus stop

the sigh a page makes
when it's turned, ah delicato

listen for the sound
of Basho's frog before the splash

and you'll hear
summer lifting from the roses

the semitone between raindrops
you'll hear

just for a moment
the arpeggio of falling oak leaves

the con brio in an up street wind
slamming the door of your house

the rondo of falling stars
applauding light.


arpeggio: notes of a chord played or sung in succession
con brio: with spirit, with vigour
rondo: A musical form where the principal theme is repeated several times. The rondo was often used for the final movements of classical sonata form works.