Monday's Poem


Nehal is a Toronto-based writer, editor and producer. Her first chapbook, "city/heart", was self-published in early 2008. Her writing explores the intersections between environment, new media, culture, and identity. She is finally dedicating more time to developing herself as a poet, and is currently working on a collection of poems that explore relationships in urban settings.

© Nehal El-Hadi 2008



i woke up this morning
at some ungodly hour
sun was coming up
andy on the radio
talking bout multi-culti diversity
some ain't-we-wonder-full type of ish
put me in a foul mood.
streetcar. subway. work
seven point two five unionized hours
of blinking reading & telephoning
subway. streetcar.
csi marathon
til i fell asleep

i didn't think of you at all.