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Monday's Poem


© 2008 Sandra Mooney Ellerbeck

Free Flight

My fingers, over
your hard surface, touch
the lines where your dry
stones are tightly joined—
Inca ashlar, without

All the green spaces
between you become
my breaths as much
as the cloudless sky,

as my body without wings
maneuvers on air, views
you like a camera's eye
zooming in, zooming out,

and I know, my tour
of you is unattainable
through a tourist trip
as I awaken with your
impression still on me
Machu Picchu,
more than a lucid dream.

Sandra continues to view the earth from many perspectives. Her poetry reflects a diverse spectrum: appearing in literary journals, magazines, anthologies, newspapers, cafes, visual art, songs, radio, and in on-line journals. Her passion is haiku in its nature and human-nature contrasts that create enchanting elements. Sandra also facilitates poetry and art workshops, and continues to be part of the CORTEX — a multidisciplinary art project that links artists together to create new work. She created, coordinates, and hosts the Discovery Café in Edmonton, a philosophy café that also celebrates music and poetry. Haiku can be viewed on, and she is poetically visible at, poets across borders and cortex. Monday's poem was in part inspired by a poetry photo collaboration with Darlene Hildebrandt: