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Monday's Poem

Photo by Lainna El Jabi

Trisia Eddy is an Edmonton-based writer and editor. Recent publications include poems in Existere, fait accomplit, and Ascent Aspirations. On-line appearances include ditchpoetry, Palabras Press, and Cahoots Magazine. She is the author of a wee chapbook, what if there's no weather (2007), and is currently breathing life into red nettle press, a small chapbook press for Alberta writers. (

© 2008 Trisia Eddy

Written as I Contemplate an Aftermath

She wails of death, basil bursts in
my mouth. Imagine spending your life

like this, traffic in the distance.
I love October, someone says.

Meanwhile, wasps dance, seeking
to anesthetize their own fears.

They are human, indulgent.
Blue-grey dragonflies lie embedded

in wet cement, reflecting change.
Hopscotch doesn't work here anymore.

Significantly, I buy a new tree. Try
to find the perfect spot. Imagine

what it will look like in ten years
time, when we are no longer living

here; the garden overgrown, half
dead. Summer hushed, stolen.