Monday's Archives 2005


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Aileen Calligaris: Summer's Garden
Allan Brown: Poem with a Line by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Alison Watt: Dry Lightning
Andrea McKenzie: Sorry I Had To
April Bulmer: Mustard Seeds
April Severin: Untitled
Arlene Ang: Third Secret Love Poem
Caroline Misner: Shepherd's Gold
Elizabeth Shannon: Words
Gabriel Dey: Coat of Green
Glen Sorestad: Crisp October Morning
JC Sulzenko: Back to Where We Belong
Jenna Butler: Heatwave
Jenni Uitto: Morning Fire
Jennifer Compton: Storm! Power Cut!
Jimmy Santiago Baca: Ten
Joanna Weston: Marathon
Joyce Parkes: Not Waving, Shaking
Katy McCuish: Early October with Light Fog
K. Louise Vincent: Afterworld
Karen Horeth: Want
Kevin Gillam: not we
Leanne McIntosh: The Second Coming of Noah
Linda Martin: Chiaroscuro
Margo Button: At Lambretta's
Malka Geffen: Sister in the Sky
Marie Clausén: untitled and
this, in the hopes of not being rescued
Mildred Tremblay: Juncos
Miriam Sagan: Heraclitus
Naomi Wakan: On Reading Issa Each Morning
Naomi Wakan: Our Clay
Papa Osmubal: Apologies
Patrick Lane:
A Christmas Poem
Penn Kemp: Heart to Heart
Rhona McAdam: The Country of the Single Woman
Richard Arnold: Disappearing Act
Robert Filgate: Lonely Places
Sandra Lynxleg: Bears Oranges
Sandra Ridley: Uniform '54
Svetlana Ischenko: Untitled
Wendy Morton: Call It
Winona Baker: walking and Goose Summer Dawn