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Monday's Poem



© 2008 Lorraine Gane

The Poppies

They slip from hairy buds
grow pink and red mouths
thin and crinkled
till the sun irons them
with yellow waves

This morning
sodden with rain,
they hung their heads
like old women in mourning
while the sun hid in a sullen sky

Now they frolic in the wind,
bright bonnets open
to the glittering light,
and I think of another day like this
so ripe with chance
nearly two years ago

Early evening
high on the bluffs over Fulford bay,
your voice opened a door

I stepped through
into the blue trees,
the quiet fire of your arms


Lorraine Gane's poems, essays, articles and reviews have been published widely in magazines, journals and newspapers across Canada, the U.S. And Britain. She has taught writing at such venues as Ryerson, McMaster and the University of Victoria, as well as private workshops across Canada and online courses to students across North America. Among her poetry collections are Earth Light, Even the Slightest Touch Thunders on My Skin, The Phantom Orchid, and a new volume of poetry, "The Dreaming Songs," to be published next year. She is now working on several writing projects, including a poetry collection called "Forty Recipes for Love."