Malka Geffen currently lives
in Santa Fe, NM, where she
works as a bookseller and
teacher. She received an
MFA in poetry from Mills College
in Oakland, CA and had her
first chapbook, Short Shrift,
published by Bigfan Press
in 2003.

Monday's Poem

© Malka Geffen

Sister in the Sky

There and then you catch
wind                   and soar.
Bundled by what hoists
you higher           you are
laughter and no fear.
There and then by no force
of your own

bundled by what hoists
you higher           you are
protected            there and then
under G-d's crisp sky
of winter             air.
Protected from the force
of the fall.

No wonder of science     you are
dynamic                       and bound by dynamics
you are brought down     every time.
Gravity loves you           too
much. Funny thing
love         like flight.        

Here and now I hold down
the wood of my seat
the paper            on this table
the floor              like memory
made useful and reliable.
I screen what we've done

through a familiar pane
refract the light moments
into broad-spectrum       multi-
colored events. What makes
no sense
makes fine           sod. Here
and now

bound by what keeps me
grounded             I tend to ground
you         too lightly.        
I see myself     soon        able
to grasp both sides
of a small writing table
and let you set aloft        again.