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Richard Arnold wrote "Disappearing Act" because he is sad that tragedies are occurring in the non-human world close to home every day, and few people seem to care. He is on sabbatical this year from his teaching duties at Malaspina University-College. His chapbook Fuse was published by Leaf Press, and he is looking for a publisher for a full-length collection titled "A Wolf In The Choir," which focusses on the interaction between humans and nature.

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Monday's Poem

Richard Arnold

Disappearing Act

for the Vancouver Island Marmot

"Where'd he go?"

The audience a little worried,
the trunk unlocked, unchained
and displayed completely empty—
he must be in a hole under
the stage, slipped away.

Gone. But the Great Houdini
always came back, smiling
and bowing to loud acclaim.
We had strange faith, knew it
was just a complicated trick.

Yet when you tried it
it was too real—something
went wrong, you found yourself
a new dimension, a one-way
tunnel into a black mountain

of no return. You don't even
have an audience—well, a few
ferry tourists & school children
chewing grassblades,
reaching curious fingers

to touch your photo
on a glossy WANTED poster:
brown tuxedo, impish eyes,
elegant white scarf, pointy toes—
you look like him, you know.

So, where'd you go?