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Ottawa-based JC Sulzenko's Fat poems Tall poems Long poems small took centre stage at the Ottawa International Writers Festival and at the Ottawa Public Library/ Children's Literature Roundtable Kid Lit Gala. Her poetry, heard locally and nationally on the CBC, appears in Bywords and a number of chapbooks and anthologies. The Ottawa Citizen, Saint John Telegraph Journal and Glebe Report have featured her short fiction and creative non-fiction. She served as first Poet-in-Residence at Ottawa's The School of Dance and leads writing workshops for all ages.
Monday's Poem

JC Sulzenko

Back to Where We Belong

We've lived a week of wisdom teeth
My lovely 20-year-old
in her little girl white bed—
a child again for one short week—
sleeps badly, faints from too many painkillers

We savour rich chocolate ice cream, very strawberry gelato
make chicken soup from scratch
                                 mash potatoes till they squish

Pale-faced, cheeks puffed out to shame a chipmunk
she loves the comfort
Silly movies absorb long afternoons
Smiling sneaks back into her repertoire

Then, the worst winter storm ices
the barren branches of dormant trees
She packs—groceries, frozen mini meals
                                 antibiotics just-in-case
I wave her out the door, into the snow
into a car that whisks her from me

After she's sheltered in the crook of my arm
I should be thrilled she's okay

Instead I turn from the window
holding my own hand