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Miriam Sagan's most recent books are Rag Trade (La Alameda) and Searching for a Mustard Seed: A Young Widow's Unconventional Story, which won the 2004 best memoir from Independant Publishers. She runs the creative writing program at Santa Fe Community College and is the editor of the e-zine Santa Fe Poetry Broadside (sfpoetry.org).

Monday's Poem

© Miriam Sagan


It's snowing—fat wet flakes
My sixteen year old daughter's head is bent

Translating syllable by syllable
From the ancient Greek

Of Heraclitus, who said the universe
Is, was, and always will be fire

It's morning before the cloud moon rises
In clear heaven's peerless blue

A row of school buses glows orange
I ask myself—what's different, what's the same?

On the radio, after a lifetime
Janis is still singing "Ball and Chain."