Leanne McIntosh is the author of The Sound the Sun Makes (Oolichan, 2003) and of the chapbook The Attitude of the Tree (Leaf, 2003). Her next book of poetry, Liminal, will be published by Oolichan in fall of 2005.

Monday's Poem

Leanne McIntosh

The Second Coming of Noah

Dolly the sheep and her many selves
are first in line. The chickens wearing
cross species trainers are followed by
a monkey freshly stitched round his neck
so now he views the world through
his brother's eyes and mistakenly
picked bowling pins instead of bananas
for the journey all animals can expect to make—
now the trees are gone and the ocean's
rising in ozone-less heat—
while the cows, only slightly mad, wait
patient as any who believe what they read.