Photo by Bob McKechnie

K. Louise has recently completed a manuscript of poems titled The Discipline of Undressing. Her first book of poems, Hannah and the Holy Fire was published in 2004 by Oolichan. Other publications include the chapbook The Letter Poems (with Joanne Thorvaldson) and a book of nonfiction (New Society Publishers). She was born in Manitoba where the precambrian shield meets the prairie and now lives on Gabriola Island.

Monday's Poem

K. Louise Vincent


Work in the invisible world
at least as hard as you do in the visible.

(There are many windows
in the dreamhouse, possibility floats
through, bright as the lemons shining
on the shelf, bright as the sun,
chrome yellow, canary yellow,
dandelion yellow, the house is pregnant
with possibility, speaks
early in the morning, it says,
so many windows,
and at night, the moon
multiplies, a stream of oranges
falling and rising in the hands
of an invisible juggler.)