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Naomi's essays and poems have appeared in Resurgence, Geist, Room of One's Own, Kansai Time Out, Far East Journal and many other magazines and web-sites. She has read on CBC and in poetry venues. She is also a member of Gabriola Fibre Artists.
Segues, her book of long poems, will be published by Wolsak and Wynn in April 2005.

Monday's Poem

Naomi Wakan

On Reading Issa each Morning

Every morning
as others open their papers
to the sports page, or
keep them closed on the grim
rumours of the day,
I receive a small, sweet message
by e-mail, a message
telling of simple things ...
midday naps, the scent of the lotus,
deer rutting and mountain rain,
a sickle moon, a temple bell,
muddy straw sandals, the beggar's stove,
first frost and slush-splashed robes,
plum blossom, Buddharupas,
saké cups, radishes,
garbage-removers, mosquitoes
at the eaves, and a cottage door
crushed by morning glories,
tumble-down houses and dogs
mouthing down rice cakes.
Only occasionally a bigger mystery
presents itself for my morning
consideration, such as
a samurai's discarded top knot.