Photo by Ron Button

Margo Button lives in Victoria, BC and is working on a new manuscript while looking for a publisher for her third. She has published three books and is
a happy gardener, golfer and grandmother as well

Monday's Poem

Margo Button

At Lambretta's

She once had a scooter
like that shiny red one above the bar,
a 1958, 175 cc's
she rode full throttle across Europe.

That year was the first time she ate rabbit,
horse meat
and deep fried sparrows
                             which didn't agree.
The first time she saw a bidet—
                             no idea what it was for.
The Venezuelan she met
piggy-backed on her Lambretta to Geneva
where they slept in one bed to save money. The first time
she spent a night in the casbah in Tangiers
her Spanish boyfriend rolled up his sleeves
to defend the honour she didn't know she'd lost.

Tonight in the restaurant she and her husband
watch the parade of youngsters:
spikey hair dyed orange and blue,
rings in bellybuttons, tongues,
God knows where.

They order their usual Sav Blanc
and diet coke, ask the waiter
to turn down the music please.