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Darren Anderson: Hermit's Chess
Richard Arnold: Divorce

Allan Brown: Second Beach, Vancouver
April Bulmer: Coyote
Lauren Carter: Rosetta
Shannon Cowan: Charleston Queen
Amanda Earl: Snow Witch
M.J.L. Evans: Absinthe Dreams
Bill Gough:
Susannah Martin — Hanged as a Witch
Charlie Galan: Covered in Warm Gold
Pam Galloway: Genesis
Catherine Graham: Pissenlit

Lorraine Gane: In the Fields of Iraq?
John B. Lee: Thirty-Three Thousand Shades of Green
Janice Lore: On Seeing a Corvette with a Table Tied on Top
Chris Lowther: In Review
Nathaniel G. Moore: Monday's Child
Wendy Morton: Monandry
Barbara Pelman: In It Again
Daniel Rajala: Monday Morning
Elizabeth Shannon: On the Jack Train
E. Russell Smith:
The Birds of Haggart's Ditch
Susan Stensen: A Father's Diary
john sweet: pollock creates the universe: notes and theories
Daniel Taras: she sits

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