Nathaniel G. Moore was born at Women's College Hospital in downtown Toronto on Monday July 15, 1974 at 5:20am. He is now, however, represented online courtesy of Notho Entertainment

Monday's Poem

© Nathaniel G. Moore

Monday's Child

    A giraffe stretches his neck in traffic across
the sun and the silhouette is not misappropriated
sponge vibrations Heimlich maneuvering in the shade by
multiply heart palpitations but more of a long
stroking massage that embalms us all happy our
strollers, filled with heating chocolate ice cream

    This was, is my condition. Mint condition lava
lamps & soda straws & rosy cheeks
darning the tea bag with sneezes my Aunt passed me
under the seatbelt and inner childseat is locked,

                      & I bobble in the macabre soup
of an afternoon rain, as washing
                      & naked I am washed

    as machines scold
instructions & flood language to wage & wade me back
to a closer facsimile.

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