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Monday's Poem


© Wendy Morton

I found the word, monandry,
and thought of the good, monandrous life
I'd led; having only one
husband at a time.
And thought how the word could break apart
in a moment: "mon" (Monday), "and," "dry."

Monday and dry, no rain,
the clear moon and oh the stars,
did you see Orion,  I asked him,
my Monday husband;
thinking of the Argentinean I met
one night in New York,
who invited me for champagne and tango.
I was still monandrous, like a flower
with one perfect stamen.  A stargazer.
A lily.

During the day, Wendy Morton is an insurance investigator. During the night, she's a poet, with two books,
Private Eye
and Undercover, published by Ekstasis Editions. On Friday nights she hosts Mocambopo, a
weekly poetry venue in Victoria, now in its 9th year. Periodically, she boards WestJet flights, reads poems
to the passengers, writes them poems as "the poet of the skies." She loves to promote poetry anywhere,
will stop strangers to read them poems, and otherwise commit random acts of poetry, sometimes in a
PT (poetry travels) Cruiser supplied by Chrylser. Once she got stopped by a cop for speeding, read him a
poem and thus avoided a ticket.

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