[click] Photo: Michael Hogan

Janice Lore's first chapbook, Ipsissima Verba, was published by Leaf Press in April, 2003. Her work appears in Salt in Our Blood, an anthology of writing from and about the west coast of Vancouver Island edited by Joanna Streetly, and in The Fed Anthology, edited by
Susan Musgrave.

Monday's Poem

© Janice Lore

On Seeing a Corvette with a Table Tied on Top

I must know
some of the women
you have made love to
on sweet dustless moonstruck nights

the round bed of your penthouse
spins around you
a knight at night
who rides
a great white Corvette stallion

you pass swiftly
on the highway
your face averted
a grim grip on the wheel

mirror, mirror on the wall:
who's the fairest one of all?

you know the mythic mirror lies:

there is a cube van in the blind spot

and a

      closer to collision

fairytales and furniture


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