Photo: Robin Olsen

Charlie lives on the East Side of Vancouver Island on five acres in the picturesque coastal hamlet of Yellow Point near Nanaimo, British Columbia. A self-described "pub poet" he divides his writing time between the local pubs, parks, and the ocean where he lives. Now in his 50s, Charlie has been a mediator, lecturer and manager of labour relations for almost 30 years. In his spare time (when not writing) he enjoys hiking, photography, collecting movies, LPs and books while spending special time with his lady friend Robin. His two cats Fat Harley and The Chili Man allow him to reside in "their" residence and oversee his home named "Whalesridge." His poems reflect his love of romance, reverence for nature, and caring for people.

Monday's Poem

© Charlie Galan

Covered In Warm Gold

Memories of some summers
Are forever covered in warm gold,
Illuminated from within
With an intense light that cannot be held.

The joy they release constantly unfurls
And despite a season's passing
Remembrances of them linger on.

As leaves yellow with the arrival of Autumn
Memories of a special past season
May fade gracefully,
And we smile
Longing for its return.

Though we know the past cannot remain
It is not lost
For its memory can reside eternally
In the mind's sacred place
Covered in warm gold.


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