[Click] Photo: Natalie Anderson

Darren Anderson has two chapbooks published (Seasons, Hidden Among the Pine), and has been published in over twenty-five print magazines/ezines, three anthologies, newspapers, and journals including recently published pieces in The Canadian Bulletin of Medical History, and The Ballarat History Journal ( Australia). He's currently working on a chapbook manuscript called Shakespeare's Garden, and a full length manuscript based on Martin Allerdale Grainger's book Woodsmen of the West. The first poem of that series will be published in The Ballarat Review.

Monday's Poem

© Darren Anderson

Hermit's Chess

Citrus light drips from a carob tree
onto his coconut hair,
sun dried cheeks. Seasoned eyes
focus on his minimal world
of bishops and knights.
On apple-green grass,
he waits for a cornucopia of brilliance
to enter his prune plum brain.

Some say he's a sour grape
content to play alone.
He regards himself as vintage,
an acquired taste.

This mahogany board is
Eden's orchard,
a world where King and Queen
rule devoid of bitterness,
and pawns are as important
as the royal fruit.

All decisions lie in
raisoned fingers,
every sacrifice, self-centered.
Victory is his nectar.

It makes perfect sense
to juice himself.                      

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