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Monday's Poem

© 2011 Jude Neale

    Jude Neale's first book of poetry is called The Perfect Word Collapses. She has been featured frequently with Ascent Aspirations Magazine and was recently awarded an honourable mention for her short story submission in the 2010 winter edition. Her second book of poetry, Only the Fallen Can See (Leaf Press, 2011), explores and chronicles the compelling journey of a mother struggling with bipolar illness.

     When Jude isn’t writing she is giving vocal concerts, where she enjoys sharing her rich mezzo-soprano voice with others. She lives with her partner, three cats, and one dog on a small island near Vancouver, Canada.

Ties that Bind

To. K.

The woman remembers
writing her suicide notes.

She's kept them all
—sentimental nihilist—

still amazed at the light.

These relics
she finds in a box,

she wrote to her daughter,

that summer when she was stricken
and bruised.

There are only four pages
they begin with

My Darling—

for how else could she feel
when she told of

cramped tunnels and dying?

They ended
love always
your mummy.

Small words
for the burden they carried.

Now she's a stale dated survivor

who squints at yesterday's sorrow
like it's a mouse turd
found under the sink.

Oh to have once been so certain

that the brave singular ending
she longed for,

would let her blaze and fall,
away from these ties that bind.