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Monday's Poem

© 2011 Jude Neale

    Jude Neale's first book of poetry is called The Perfect Word Collapses. She has been featured frequently with Ascent Aspirations Magazine and was recently awarded an honourable mention for her short story submission in the 2010 winter edition. Her second book of poetry, Only the Fallen Can See (Leaf Press, 2011), explores and chronicles the compelling journey of a mother struggling with bipolar illness.

     When Jude isn’t writing she is giving vocal concerts, where she enjoys sharing her rich mezzo-soprano voice with others. She lives with her partner, three cats, and one dog on a small island near Vancouver, Canada.

On the Road

You sleep in a city that looks in on itself
a tangerine sky scalds the fields

and you wonder if I'll survive
here alone in our bed tonight.

It's good to be strong.
It'll be easier in the long run.

I've changed
from the one who cried
when you left

to become the keeper of this little flame.

I listen over and over
to the message
you left on the phone

and wonder
at my bottomless need

for this cold ash of loneliness.

You're hiding in the back of my mind
like ocean in seashell.

It feels like just yesterday
when I flew under you

feeling my skin settle and shape
around yours.

Now I send you internet letters
And hope that you can read
what is trapped between lines.

I sleep in the country
on the edge of the water

my words spill like minnows
onto the white blinking screen.