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Monday's Poem


gillian harding-russell has taught at the Universities of Saskatchewan and Regina and through University Extension and the Sociology department. Between 1988 and 2005, she was poetry editor for Event magazine and now works for the Event Reading Service and Manuscript Evaluation and reviews books for a number of journals including Prairie Fire. She has published a chapbook anthology At the End of the Garden (Green Publications, 1990) and three poetry collections, Candles in my Head ( Ekstasis Editions, 2001), Vertigo (River Books, 2004), and I forgot to tell you (Thistledown Press, 2007). Her poetry has appeared in a number of anthologies as well as many journals.

© 2009 Celia Harding-Russell and gillian harding-russell

Fresh Snowfall and the Goodbye

The long branches glance white in the headlights.
A sudden bloom along the honeysuckle hedge.

Diamonds under your heavy boots crunch bright.
Glisten prisms silver-mica disks, blue and pink.

A feathering of frost among the dead stalks and dogwood twigs.
Hectic criss-cross of a downy fall all around.

Stars falling in a tower of light corpuscles under the ray of the doorlamp.
Huge flakes fly like birds, a million Icaruses hastening descent.

All the long roads and unwalked lands, flakes inches deep below.
An audience of sparkling eyes you will walk over unnoticed.

All this and the white land, your promises to keep.
A bird's scratch feet forge a short path, fly over the fields.

As you look down, I see white lace forming in your hair and lashes.
One butterfly flake on the hot flesh curve of your lip melts.

Tomorrow you'll be gone and we will be down under...
I'll be shovelling my way out for days.


Celia Harding-Russell will complete her BA in English with a minor in Drama at University of Regina this spring. She has travelled to New Zealand and England, and would like to see as much of the world as possible. Although she has been writing for a few years, this is her first publication.