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Monday's Poem

Photograph by Gavin Stairs

Internationally known as a sound poet, Penn Kemp runs Pendas Productions, a press for fine poetry book/cds. Two of Penn's Sound Operas have recently been performed around Ontario:


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© 2006 Penn Kemp

The Pulse of Breath

a sacred hoop we enter
spirals seasonal contract
whitening world one octave up

snow crystals in sunlight
white dog barks soundless
against swirls of wind

dimensions we have known/
the proper boundary may not
be transgressed without fear &

trepidation      such courage it takes
to cross snow-covered borders

3 birch drumming light
a cardinal on upper bough
snow plow's blue whirl

bodies we have inhabited a
self-enclosed totality/wraps
we have shorn      skins shed/

the pile of discards so
determines still perception

it seems all so effortless
the way snow falls      angel
bodies impress in drifts
against the windowpane

o sacred hoop we rise to      band
of angels / feathers / snowfall
the light beyond cold snowdogs

a door opens a door closes in
sudden lilt of silence