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Monday's Poem
photo: Mike Deal

I am a Winnipeg-based poet and editor who believes firmly in excess when it comes to poetry, though I have two very short poems currently appearing on buses in both Alberta and Manitoba. Recent projects include a collaboration with new music composer David Raphael Scott called Tranquility and Order that had its premiere simultaneously in Westminster United Church as a part of WSO's 2006 New Music Festival and via the airwaves as a part of CBC Radio's Two New Hours.


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Seven-Year-Itch Grocery List

Bring me as many rock solid excuses
as will fill the meaty parts of your palm
also unripe nectarines the fruit unyielding
coming away hard
from the stone

Bring me mangos just this side of soft
tell me how you stood in the supermarket
tumbling night-shift pyramids to press one
after another to your nose
until you found the one sweet enough
to bring home

Bring me dense black avocados for the bowl
near the stove where the light is best
watch me cut one open
and see how half is already spoiled
then take a creamy sliver
from my knife
just to please me

Bring me tomatoes so round
and perfect as to be a virtue
like my uncovered breasts that first time remember
that first time as you tongue words like heft
and heap
and open wide