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Monday's Poem
photo: Pat Brown

I've been reading and writing haiku of one form or another for
about fifty years now, enjoying the classic and the modern versions. In fact, my latest book, a penny in the grass issued in late February by Ekstasis Editions (Victoria, BC), is a collection of 170 ku from the mid-1960s on. Here are some others—three fairly straight forward pieces ("counting" "the heron" "these white leaves") along with a couple of two-liners ("bull-rushes" and "some spaces"), a riff on a Japanese original (Basho's "hana no kuma," one of his cherry blossom haiku), and my own little resurrection riff, the "phoenix" tanka.

© Allan Brown

the last of these dew drops—
the early sun

the heron—
the different green
of trees & reeds

these white leaves
against the window pane—
rising wind

bull-rushes leaning
out of the crowded ditch

some spaces still between
the trees & the sky

carefully counting
all of these blossoms—
counting again
[after Basho]

a phoenix?
OK, but
does it have to leave
its ashes
in my garden?