Sandra Lynn Lynxleg lives in Westbank, BC, but has lived in nearly every province in every season across Canada. She holds a Bachelor of Education from the UBC Native Indian Teacher Education program. She has successfully completed the post diploma creative writing program with Humber College with Olive Senior as her mentor. She is a Master's candidate in SFU's Aboriginal Curriculum and Instruction program and was recently the featured writer for The Writers Publishing. Sandra's poetry has been anthologised in Che' Wách Choe, let the delirium begin (Leaf Press, 2002).

Monday's Poem

© Sandra Lynxleg

Saulteaux Sociogram

Their lips. Your
ears. Between my
two aunties
the language round
dances a discombobulated
tongue in cheek. Jingle
guttural consonants. Swirl
pursed vowels. Ease drop
centuries of psychic disequilibrium.
My lips. Their ears. Spin
Saulteaux silent.
Your cacophony wails. My ears
don't exist. Your lips
linguistically profile. This poem
began in Saulteaux. My aunties
lean forward. Look at each other
and laugh.

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