Deirdre Godwin divides her time between working at Malaspina University-College, raising laying hens as a fourth-generation farmer in Yellow Point, and writing for pleasure, self-expression, and the inextinguishable hopes of publication. As her name implies, she is of Saxon and Celtic decent, and she is fascinated by the history of these cultures as well as the more recent history of Nanaimo and Canada as a whole. She loves animals and is rarely without the company of her dog and her cats. Deirdre's poems have been published in her high school yearbook and in several newsletter publications.

Monday's Poem

© Dierdre Godwin



He sat, gazing at the things he loved
the blooming flowers, the summer sky
and his small granddaughter
playing on the porch.

He was feeble now and old
his mind, still keen, was fettered by his stroke
he could not hold the child
or bounce her on his knee.

But he could catch her wrist
in a gentle grip too strong to break.
He smiled as she, laughing, tugged against his grasp
and he said clearly, even without words

that he loved me.

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