November 2006
ISBN 0-9780536-6-4
5.5 by 6.5 Hand-sewn chapbook
Black endpapers 36 pp

$10.00 CAN
Includes taxes and shipping


Link to cover image: "Crows Acting Up"
©2006 Greg Pond

Link to Patrick Lane

Witch in White

The Glenairely poets
edited by Patrick Lane

The simple light, the dark eye on the mud,
the nubs of grain, and waddle round
the feather down, your hand,
and then the wing, the lift
of words, your voice ...

Susan Gee

Heather Cameron
Diane Buchanan
Susan Gee
Pamela Porter
Barbara Pelman
Joan Shillington
Heidi Garnett
Wendy Morton
Mary Ann Moore
Leanne McIntosh
Susan Stenson
Ray McGinnis
Grace Cockburn
Dvora Levin

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