April, 2003
Janice Lore
ISBN 0-9730243-9-9
chapbook 5 x 8 34 pages
Hand sewn; colour cover

Third Printing 2009

Ipsissima Verba

Ipsissima Verba is a "found" poem. Found in the pages of an essay by French philosohers Gilles Deleuze and Claire Parnet, found in Funk & Wagnalls Standard College Dictionary, found in the associations the mind makes.

Janice Lore grew up on a farm in southern Alberta, but has lived on the wet coast of Vancouver Island since 1994. She has written poetry, stories and plays since she was seven years old. “Writing,” she says, “is one of the ways I make sense of the world.” Her work has appeared in literary magazines across the country, and on CBC and CHOO FM radio.

ipsissima verba: “the very words, the exact language”
superlatively: the most concise, the most precise, the perfect words…

But Deleuze says, “You can always replace one word with another.”

“All our mistranslations result in beauty."

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