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5.5 x 8.5 | 80 pp | 978-1-926655-37-6 | $16.95

The Wild Weathers: a gathering of love poems

Peter Trower’s poem
“A Wild Girl to Walk the Weathers With” provided inspiration for the title of this collection of lovers and the weathers that
try them.



And here is love: trying to portage the bog of refusal. Here is its rust and rasp and snare, its tug, its flex, its blows, its frisk, its trumpets – love driving the getaway car, love forgetting why it came, love hollering Crazy, crazy, crazy. Here is love shouting Shut Up Love Me.


Abby Wener Herlin
Alexandra Pasian
Ann Graham Walker
Anne Swannell
Berenice Freedome
Cynthia French
Daniela Elza
Dorothy Mahoney
Elley Shannon
Elsie K. Neufeld
Frances Boyle
Franci Louann
Heather Cardin
Heather Haley
Janet Vickers
Jocelyn Pitsch
John Beaton
Josie Andrews
Jude Neale
Judith Heron
Katy McCuish
Kevin Gillam
Kit Pepper
Leah Hokanson
Leanne Dunic
Leanne McIntosh
Lenore Rowntree

Leonard Neufeldt
Linda Crosfield
Lisa Pike Fiorindi
Lynda Grace Philippsen
Lynn Tait
Margaret Doyle
Margaret Rutley
Marie Groundwater
Marlene Grand Maitre
Kim Yong-Hi
Maureen Hynes
Meg Torwl
Michael Kleiza
Patricia Young
Peter Trower
Rachel Castor
Renee Saklikar
Robin Susanto
Sidney Bending
Susan Ioannou
Susan McCaslin
Vaughan Chapman
Wendy Donawa
Winona Baker