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Monday's Poem

Patricia at L'Anse aux Meadows NL, Viking settlement.

© 2014 by Patricia A. McGoldrick

Girls and Green Apples

The best tree to climb
Stood twixt the vegetable garden
And Dad's field of red clover
The branches sprawled just so
With more than enough offshoots
For young girls to go
In search of green apples

Furtively climbing
With clear glass shaker in hand
We had salt, ready and waiting
To sprinkle atop bitefuls of
June’s feast of lime globes

This annual taste treat came
Long before harvest and
Well worth the woe.



Patricia A. McGoldrick is a Kitchener, Ontario, Canada writer. Poems published in anthologies, including: Animal Companions, Animal Doctors, Animal People; Beyond the Dark Room, an international collection of transformative poetry, proceeds to Doctors Without Borders/MSF; Poetic Bloomings--the first year. Poetry and reviews have been published in the Christian Science Monitor, The WM Review Connection, and Recent titles include: Potato plus an acrostic fiction piece, Best in the Bruce! Patricia is a member of The Ontario Poetry Society and the League of Canadian Poets.
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"Girls and Green Apples" was published in Taking a Bite of the Apple, Revelations, Dove Tale Press, 2011.


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