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Monday's Poem


© 2014 Pat Connors

Northern Voices Journal, November 2013 issue.

Bio:  Pat Connors chapbook, Scarborough Songs, was released by Lyricalmyrical Press last year.  He was also recently published in Belgium, India, and Timmins.  He was literary juror of Big Art Book 2013, a digital project of Scarborough Arts. He recently performed at the Austin International Poetry Festival, Stellar Poetry Festival, Blue Coffee Reading Series, and, for the third time, at The Art Bar Poetry Series.  He is a manager for the Toronto chapter of 100,000 Poets for Change.


"Steps" was published in Northern Voices Journal, November 2013.



In the north
You see the results
Of every step you take

You can hear each one, too;
The crunch of ice and snow
Might be the only sound
Above your laboured breath

Someone who follows
A few minutes behind
Can tell whether you are alone

If you slide your feet, walk with a limp
Are using skis or a sled
Unless fresh wind or snow
Have covered your tracks

Each step takes you closer
To a destination you know
By faith, for by sight
Your pathway seems endless