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Monday's Poem

© 2014 by Mary Ann Moore

Mary Ann Moore lives in Nanaimo where she leads a weekly women's writing circle called Writing Life. Her circles have been described as places where unsuspecting poets are born. Mary Ann also offers a mentoring program called Writing Home: A Whole Life Practice. She writes book reviews, author profiles and personal essays including "Who I Am, Here" in Living Artfully: Reflections from the Far West Coast (The Key Publishing, 2012). Mary Ann writes a blog at

Her web address is

"Metamorphosis" was published in Fishing for Mermaids (Leaf Press, 2014).


Mine was not the only uterus washed up,
a jellyfish left to wither in the sun,
poked with sticks by children kicking stones.
Moon jellies just under the surface,
pulsating oysters sucked from their shells.

Death all around: a pig stuck and hung,
chopped up, to be packaged at the big freezer in town.
Basel found hanging from a tree.
Mayme laid out in the parlour.
Jim near the end now.
Sea stars losing their limbs.

Wind blows through every vacant room.
Bare branches,
tiny milagros of rain.

Inside the cave we painted spirals
on our bellies and faces, our own bioluminescence.
That heatless light

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