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Monday's Poem

© 2014 by Jude Neale and Daniela Elza

Daniela Elza's work has appeared nationally and internationally in over 100 publications. Daniela’s poetry collections are: the weight of dew (Mother Tongue Publishing, 2012), the book of It (iCrow Publications, 2011) and milk tooth bane bone (Leaf Press, 2013) of which David Abram says: “Out of the ache of the present moment, Daniela Elza has crafted something spare and irresistible, an open armature for wonder." Daniela was the 2014 Writer-In-Residence at the University of the Fraser Valley and the 2014 guest editor of emerge anthology.

Jude Neale has won and been shortlisted for many international awards; among them she was shortlisted for the Gregory O’Donoghue International Poetry Prize (Ireland), The  International Poetic Republic Poetry Prize (UK),The Mary Chalmers Smith Poetry Prize (UK), and the Wenlock International Poetry Prize (UK). She has two books in print: Only the Fallen Can See and A Quiet Coming of Light, A Poetic Memoir, both published by Leaf Press. She is a classically trained singer and performer who likes to collaborate with other musicians, dancers, spoken word artists to produce work that speaks to an audience.



dropping words

the words are not even ours
nor is the breath that slides

like mercury between us.

black stones in a creek rushing
hidden in moss and green arch
they have fallen
as if

muffled by hands fumbling
they shape our mouths

they fill our pockets
glance off the water like peaches.

they settle low between the hills

perhaps they whistle and  whisper
perched high in the barricade of alder trees.

See the ruined light
of a November morning?

each line pointing
each shadow

we too have grown silent

as if learning
a new language.

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