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Monday's Poem

"Leaving" was published in Verse Afire the Ontario Poetry Society's quarterly publication)

© 2014 by Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews

Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews is the author of two collections of poetry: The Whispers of Stones  (Beret Days Press) and Sea Glass (Espresso Bar Publishing).

Josie's poetry has recently been selected for presentation at the 2014 Montreal Conference of the Italian Canadian Writers Association. She is currently working on a third collection of poetry to be published this year. Her muse is nature and our place in it. Writing about the natural world is a spiritual experience. With impending natural degradation, it becomes even more important to exalt the wonder of the natural world. It is our soul. It is us.


We are so much like the trees.

We mistake their stasis for imprisonment.
Our mobility for freedom.

But we too are deeply rooted.
Bound in place.
Conglomerates of electrons
And atoms, spinning ghost-like
Within the pre-determined orbits
Of our heart's metaphysics.

On the door of my house
There are no metal bars.
Unlike the trees, I escape daily,
Though thousands of years
Of evolution keep me here. Anthropology,
Brain chemistry. Maternal instinct.

It all makes me think of a chunk of tree
I saw once. Trapped like flesh
Through a chain link fence.
The tree itself, cut down. No longer there.
Just this remnant torso of itself. Forever caught
Growing towards sunlight.
Escaping through steel. Like me.
Imagining it could.


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