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Monday's Poem

© 2014 by Allan Brown

Allan Brown was born and raised in Victoria, BC, and presently lives in Powell River. His poems have been published in various Canadian and American forums since 1962 and are partly collected in twenty-three books and chapbooks. He is a member of the Federation of BC Writers and Haiku Canada.

Leaf Press published his book Before the Dark in 2014.


Before the Dark

Scintillae, fragrance, wordings
between the shadow of that cedar forest
before my darks recovered at the long day's
ending into a silence
of blackberries in the sun;

and the wind again gathers
between each image on the pale lake,
before the night ends, the last uncertainty,
in a memory of rain
(clouds across the shifty moon)

whose voicings continue till
we are recovered like blackberries at yes
the edge of this trail between the shadow and
how the shadow glittering
(sunlight rainfall darkness dawn).


Published in Before the Dark (Leaf Press, 2014)


about us ::: guidelines ::: contact ::: order ::: chapbooks ::: Monday's Poem