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Monday's Poem

© 2013 Wendy Donawa

Wendy Donawa lives in Victoria. Her poems have appeared online and in various poetry journals and anthologies, including five chapbooks edited by Patrick Lane. Her solo chapbooks include: Sliding Towards Equinox (Rubicon Press 2009) and Those Astonishments of Sorrow, of Joy (Leaf Press 2012), and she was a finalist in Malahat's Open Season awards this year. Reading Canada, co-authored with Leah Fowler, has recently been released by Oxford University Press.

"The Vast Vocabulary of Silence" was awarded 3rd place in the 2013 William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest, and published in their chapbook of the contest's selected poems.


The Vast Vocabulary of Silence

Morning tide, palest green over crushed shells
refracting a cat’s cradle of light to net
scuttling crabs not where they seem, askew in bending rays.

Cormorants, ancient fishers, shake out their wings.

A vanished boat’s standing wave crests, translucent,
soundless before its crash
as a tumbled child drawing huge breaths
silent before its shriek.
As the sonogram, its quiet laser roaming
cloudy densities enclosed by
the clean arc of my ribs.
Anything possible.

The bay’s stone outcroppings, eroded
blankets crumpled on the floor
of the broken world.
Their pocks and fissures bright with tidepools
that flex and twinkle the mayfly lives
of tiny ravenous filaments, polyps, vesicles.

Cool for midsummer, but the window open,
lilacs almost done
and on the wrinkled linen tablecloth
last night’s crumbs and stains in its loose weave.
But faint rings of wineglasses, cairns of pistachio shells
witness: here was laughter, pleasure of good food,
in our cupped hands, delicately held, joy
to flaunt in the vast vocabulary of silence.


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