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Monday's Poem

© 2013 Joan MacIntosh

Joan lives in St. John's, NL. She works as a teacher and writes poetry. She's been published in various magazines including Tickleace and Voices from the Rock.

"Even the Captain" was published in previously published in the journal The Newfoundland Herald and the anthology Voices from the Rock.

Joan's poetry blog:


Even the Captain

Handkerchief lawn
salutes hot street,
back gate creaks open
to gardens,
tree veiled,
leaf whispering

Peak-roofed house,
ship-shape, white shining,
smells of proud work, and,
a good captain

But the day                    
the T.V. aerial
from roofs’
lofty peak-

like someone shot,
lies ruined on the lawn,
like someone shot

that beats it down,
bright grass, scarlet tulips,
picket fence
that glistened so white
Lashes everything,
flat, bloodless, cowering

Even the captain,
leaves the aerial shattered,
even the captain,
cannot fix the wind 

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