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Monday's Poem

© 2013 Jane Mellor

A graduate of Vancouver's Simon Fraser University's The Writers Studio, Jane was host and organizer of TWS Reading Series, a monthly literary event for notable and emerging international authors. Her poetry has been published in Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, emerge, TWS website, The Toronto Quarterly, Leaf Press, Contemporary Horizon Magazine, and Contemporary Horizon Anthology. Her book of poetry and prose, Delicate Availability, is currently available through most booksellers.

"Visitations" was published in Delicate Availability.


Neurosis visits in teardrop form, sometimes
trickling down bleak cheekbones, or the presence
of stars shooting out of a pitch-black universe,
descending silently into Sunday's dawn.

Yesterday I saw death, in my father's sitting room,
for the first time, him quietly reading Greek Mythology,
me sensing his weakening pulse. I asked
if he was lonely and his eyes summoned the rain.

I dreamt that Zeus came to my door, a thunderbolt
that woke the hood. He said I am the father of all and
with a wave of one mammoth arm, all was struck
down that had blocked my way, allowing me passage.