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Monday's Poem

© 2013 Angeline Schellenberg

Winnipeg poet Angeline Schellenberg has a Manitoba Arts Council grant to write a collection about mothering children with autism. She's apprenticed under Don McKay at the 2013 Sage Hill Poetry Colloquium and Meira Cook in the 2012 Manitoba Writers' Guild mentorship program. Angeline's poems have recently appeared in Rhubarb, CV2, Geez, the Society, and the Beautiful Women Anthology, and are forthcoming in Prairie Fire and The New Quarterly.

(June 2000)
entering the stream of our Sunday cruise,
you float by,
our paddlewheel round 
as your bloated belly, the suck and slip
over hungry laps striking

below the surface

you rise beneath waving cloak, exposed
to undo-undo-undulation, flowing

tendrils shading dark eyes 
from a sun-flashed sky, blue

jeans slung low cling for dear life, buried
knees, under – toes


we can’t believe your skin, dyed
deep red from taking on the river,

your body
subject to the current, your rigid