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Monday's Poem

Nabíl Boschman is a poet, student teacher, and haberdasher from Parksville. While at VIU in Nanaimo he published poetry in three editions of Portal: A Literary Journal, and received the Kevin Roberts Poetry Award. This year, alongside his studies at UBC, he self-published his first chapbook of poetry entitled Dust.

© 2012 Nabil Boschman

Do They See the Cormorants?

Each time the crew boat drops
into the lee of another wave
sit bones smack the steel seat—
headphones yanked from jacks,

each time plugged in again, song
started again. Everyone silent
this morning on the commute—
their ears plugged up with headphones—

sleeping faces pressed against windows
fogging up with breath.
I hear the crash of ocean on aluminum
through the crying of the engine.

Do they notice anymore the clouds
like steel wool scrubbing away
forest in huge clear cut swatches
on the hills?

Do they see the cormorants
bob on cobalt sea like children—
climb onto green pillar buoys
and hang their wings to dry?