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Monday's Poem

Mary Ann Moore is a Nanaimo poet whose poetry has been produced on the CD, When My Heart is Open, and in chapbooks: The Names of Things (Flying Mermaids Studio) and Those Early Days Hopeful (Leaf Press). Mary Ann leads women's writing circles called Writing Life and offers a mentoring program called Writing Home: A Whole Life Practice.

"Oregano" is from the chapbook You are Here (Leaf Press, 2012)

© 2012 Mary Ann Moore



If I were asked
to praise something
I would choose
its sagey greenness,
pungent bouquet,
its aliveness on the feta,
in memory of Sappho’s prayers
to Aphrodite,
the Lesbos circle,
Greek odes
accompanied by the lyre,
goat bells on the hill,
dancing, arms entwined,
hibiscus in our hair.