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Monday's Poem


Mary Ann Moore is a Nanaimo poet whose poetry has been produced on the CD, When My Heart is Open, and in chapbooks: The Names of Things (Flying Mermaids Studio) and Those Early Days Hopeful (Leaf Press). Mary Ann leads women's writing circles called Writing Life and offers a mentoring program called Writing Home: A Whole Life Practice.

"Fragments" is from the chapbook You are Here (Leaf Press, 2012). It is also the first in the new "leaflet" series announced September 11, 2012.


© 2012 Mary Ann Moore

Old stone wall,
the house
at Indian Beach.
Village women,
another lifetime,
their voices,
and the drums.

Sapphic circle,
a barefoot spiral
in the sand.

our muse’s name,
word-blessings, gifts –
the wet and mossy stones.

We’ll paint ourselves
with madder root.
Corona of flowers,
no veil,
except – between the worlds.

Sweetgrass burning,
cups full,
nectar, desire-stirred
and sweet.

the stones
call out
our names.