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Monday's Poem

© 2012 Judith Heron

Judith Heron lives in Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Though full of prairie blood she has always lived on the west coast.
Since semi-retiring from family counseling, fellow poets have encouraged her to take her writing more seriously. She has previously been published in a number of retreat chapbooks edited by Patrick Lane and in two anthologies: The Murder of Crones, Ptarmigan Press, 2007 and recently in The Wild Weathers, an anthology of love poems, Leaf Press, 2011. She is currently working on her first book-length

After an Evening Snooze by the Window

How the sun fools around with hope.
In broad daylight. Regardless of wind,
the sweeps of rain blowing in from sea,
reports of hail, early, on the prairies.

How the black storms of Easter cannot
deter what is determined to rise. And silver
shafts on the horizon, though cold, leave
bold promises at nightfall. I believe

the star magnolia will bloom after all,
and tulips find their colour in the yard.
The purple finch returns to the feeder
and only a fool would not be glad.