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Monday's Poem


Angeline Schellenberg is a Winnipeg poet, copy editor, journalist, and mother of two. Mentored by Meira Cook in the 2012 Manitoba Writers’ Guild mentorship program, Angeline is crafting a poetry collection about autism entitled “You’re Not Nisselling.” Her poetry has recently been selected by Rhubarb, Rejoice, Geez, and CV2. She blogs at and
appeared Rhubarb's summer 2012 issue.


© 2012 Angeline Schellenberg


Everything there is to say
has already been said about trees.
My evergreens never slept.
The Siberian elms (like my ancestors)
would not stay in one place;
they sent defiant seeds searching
for a home on distant lawns and
under foundations, resistant
to tugs. And every time
I tore from my wooden house
in tears, ran for the border
between fields — my shelter-
belt — everyone knows
what the aspens